Valentine’s Day 2012 Dessert Menu!!!

5 02 2012

Everyone loves a little something sweet on Valentine’s Day. Take a look at the menu and place your order today! XOXO

Valentine’s Day Menu 2012

Email us at Fraichelpg@gmail for all inquiries!


Green on my Plate…

30 08 2011

I’m starting to feel like every time I go to the farmer’s market, the only vegetables I buy are green. Not sure why that works out the way it does, but hey they’re all good for you 🙂

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Just in case anyone is wondering, all the food featured on this blog has been prepared by myself unless otherwise noted. Thanks for that question 🙂

Who Doesn’t Eat Spaghetti?

30 08 2011

More often than not, whenever I cook for myself it’s usually something pretty simple. Like most people, spaghetti is something that I grew up on ate all the time! Do all one pot meals taste better the next day like spaghetti, lol? I managed to get in a few pics before eating…hope you like!

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By the way, these photos are a few weeks old but I’m attempting to keep up with the pics and posts!

Frenched Out At Five…

30 08 2011

I’ve been excited about preparing and completing this order since the moment I’ve heard about it! A black & pink Parisian themed birthday party for a very lucky  5-year-old girl, how dope is that? The desserts included; mini Chocolate Eclairs filled w/ Pink Vanilla Pastry cream, Profiterole’s w/ Pink Vanilla Diplomat Cream, hand initialed Raspberry Macaroons, Buttered Sugar Crepes filled w/ Fresh Berries, and mini Strawberry Cupcakes topped with Fresh Strawberry Butter cream and hand written White Chocolate adornments.  The weather was so beautiful on  Sunday, I almost couldn’t believe that just a few states north of Georgia, people were evacuating their cities because of hurricane Irene. Nevertheless, Atlanta’s weather made me pretty thankful! The event was held at such a pretty location. The Frazer Center’s, Cator Woolford Gardens. Although, the items were delivered a few hours before the event began, I snapped a few pictures of the early morning garden setting…

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And Then There Were Cheesecakes…

30 08 2011

Weeellll, I haven’t made these in awhile! My baking usually seems to revolve around everything except cheesecakes, but making these recent custom orders were very nice refreshers…

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NY Style Cheesecake: Buttery graham cracker crust filled with rich and velvety vanilla cheesecake batter.

* Sugar-free* Oreo Cheesecake:  A chocolate wafer cookie crust filled with a vanilla & Oreo cheesecake batter. Adorned with sweetened whipped cream and crushed sugar- free Oreos.

S’mores Cheesecake Classic graham cracker crust filled with marshmallow & vanilla cream cheesecake batter. Topped with burnt marshamallow meringue, chocolate ganache, whipped cream and crushed graham crackers.

It’s Been Awhile…

30 07 2011

It seems like I always fall into a small hiatus from this little home I’ve built here at Fraiche LPG! The truth is, I’ve been working, grinding, hustling and slanging as many sweets as I possibly can. After all, Rome was not built in a day! I think the biggest challenge to blogging is finding the words to go along with the steady growing collection of photos I have.  Maybe it’s time for me to finally start utilizing my Tumblr account that was created over a year ago? Anywho, for the past few months, I’ve gotten the chance to work with some great people and make some pretty amazing desserts. Take a look…

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There’s more to follow in the next post…

Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies & more…

10 05 2011




Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies 🙂


Lemon & Lime Infused Sugar


There were lots…


and lots…


Maybe more than lots…


of sugar cookies!





Then there were these little bites of deliciousness…Cinnamon Sugar Donut Muffins!






I guess you can tell that I was pretty busy…